Related conspicuous international design prizes:


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Idea PrizeFashion Accessories PrizeCreativity PrizeTextile Prize
Sparkling Idea PrizeFashion Goods PrizeManufacturing Machinery PrizeItalian Prize
Magnificient PrizeMuseums PrizeCollege of Design PrizeAbsolute Prize
Architectural Design PrizeAward PrizeGreatest Artists PrizeFor Designers Prize
Top Artists PrizeTop Designers PrizeHigh Quality Design PrizeProfessional Architects Prize
Professional Artists PrizeArt Materials PrizeArts Equipment PrizeJewelry Prize
Art Installations PrizeWatch PrizeColloquium PrizeOutranking Prize
Shortlisted PrizeArchitectural Projects PrizeBaby Products PrizeTradeshow Prize
Summits PrizeGreen Goods PrizeColorful Goods PrizeArtists Books Prize
Design for Future PrizeDesign Proposals PrizeMathematics and Nature PrizeElectronic Goods Prize
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